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Read articles and tips about happiness in daily life. A person's everyday life can be made happier with the right understanding of the things that genuinely contribute to a happy life. Learn how our overall course in life and mindset plays a role in contentment and joy, even during challenging times.

19 Funny Things You Should Not Do with Your Coronavirus Stimulus Check

Written by Mark Pringle
Who am I to say what you should or should not do with your coronavirus stimulus check? I'm Mark. Now that we've got that out of the way, here is a list of sixteen things you should not do with your coronavirus stimulus check. Immediately go into your boss' office and yell, "Se Read More

Facilitate Happiness by Not Wasting Time with Unproductive Things

Written by Mark Pringle
Wasting time means spending time on things that are either unproductive or that take time away from productive things. For example, spending time surfing the internet or social network sites, playing video games, watching TV, and doing similar things with no goal in mind is a waste of time and creat Read More

Happiness During Stressful Times, How Can That Be Attained?

Written by Mark Pringle
Have you ever noticed that occasionally you see people, who by most measures, should be happy? They have excellent health. They have more than enough money. They have a good job, a beautiful house, and an excellent core group of friends. However, these individuals always seem to be unhappy. O Read More

The Top 10 Things People Collect While Traveling

In almost any industry, there are all types of collectors and things people collect, from more conventional items like sports cards, stamps, train sets, sneakers, and automobiles to unusual things like umbrella cover sleeves and National park stickers. The travel industry is no exception. In it, Read More

Fun Things That Don’t Cost Much Money

There seems to be an unwritten rule that you must spend money to have fun. That is certainly not true. Here is a quick list of some fun things that you can do that cost little or no money. Engage your artistic/creative side: draw, write, read, cook, or make handmade crafts and gifts Encourag Read More

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