She was abused

Written by Alishah Ali |
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I see her as a beautiful butterfly spreading colors wherever she flies

Those sparkling eyes of her can light up the darken sky

Giving us all tears, seeing her turning into a light

Now showing us a way to speak for our right

Apologies from our side, it took us that long to open our eyes.

Yes, we all know that little girl crying out for her beloved but they don’t hear a word because her voice was hushed.

I imagine how dark her nights were, how scared her eyes were, how trembled her body was when she discovered the terror for the first.

The world she used to live in was away from all those butchers, the way her parents used to protect her was the reason for her spirits up.

 In the shadow of her known one, she got into the hands of some molesters who deliberately took her.

Not she’s the only one who suffered the pain before her age though she was only 7 but there are some younger and older than her unwillingly being a part of that horrific act.

The land that they used to consider home, play in the streets until they go home, smiling every day with no such reason.

Now they’re not here to tell us what’s been broken, the place that they left can never be filled in but I hope seeing those criminals hanged can give them some patience.

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Form of Poetry


Author: Alishah Ali
A normal being with many extra ordinary dreams, i like to write but not what exactly i feel just what comes to my mind and i think that's where the uniqueness starts. I'm not a regular writer and i guess no one is but yes i do like to write.


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