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Istanbul, Turkey: Facts, Travel, and Points of Interest

If traveling many centuries back in time is on your agenda, then Istanbul is just the place for you. Being more than 2500 years old, the name of this city was changed twice; from Byzantium to Constantinople to the current Istanbul. Set across the Bosphorus Strait, Istanbul was a much-coveted city th Read More

About Ankara

Ankara, Turkey is a cosmopolitan capital that lies in the central Anatolia region of the country. This city is known for its outstanding Presidential Symphony Orchestra, the State Opera and Ballet, and many national theater companies. Among the features that dot the landscape are old castles and ruins from Roman, Hittite and Ottoman civilization. The modern city is breathtaking with a beehive of activities; from major universities, military bases to parks, museums, clubs and restaurants.

Discover and explore Ankara, a city in the country of Turkey. This online guide of information, articles, and photos of Ankara helps you explore the attractions and points of interest of Ankara. It is located on the continent of Asia and its GPS coordinates address is latitude 39.9117 and logitude 39.9117. [Map of Ankara].

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