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Top 10 Royal Palaces in Europe

These are 10 of the most beautiful and famous palaces in Europe. Not only does Europe's rich and diverse culture make it unique but so do the many royal palaces owned by the royal families. Palaces in Europe have classic and modern architecture. While every palace has its own spirit, s Read More

About Brussels

The capital city of Belgium, Brussels, is located in the country’s interior where it merges Belgium's French and Flemish Communities. It is considered to be the de facto capital of the European Union. Among its magnificent spectacles are the European Parliament, a multitude of medieval 17th-century buildings, the Grand Place, flower markets, and the Eiffel Tower which provides an excellent panorama of the magnificent city. Historic, bureaucratic yet eccentric, Brussels is multicultural to its roots.

Discover and explore Brussels, a city in the country of Belgium. This online guide of information, articles, and photos of Brussels helps you explore the attractions and points of interest of Brussels. It is located on the continent of Europe and its GPS coordinates address is latitude 50.85 and logitude 50.85. [Map of Brussels].

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