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Top 10 Islamic Buildings in the World (Islamic Architecture Mosques)

The beautiful Islamic culture is defined by some of the most amazing architectural works in the world. Muslim architecture covers a wide range of structures from forts, tombs, mosques, and palaces. These fascinating structures are found in nations conquered by the Muslims back in the 7th century. Th Read More

About Cairo

Cairo is the capital city of Egypt and also the largest in the country. It lies near river Nile, which flows along the Mediterranean coast. Cairo is known as a city in a desert as it rests on the horizons of Sinai desert. The climate is hot and dry but has chilly nights. Being the second most densely populated area in Africa, it prides in diverse housing cultures. The red sea route, which connects Libya and Israel as well as the Giza Pyramid, passes through the city making it active throughout the year. Luxor’s Karnak temple, a beautiful destination for a person who loves color and the arts, is found here. Between the medieval Islamic fortress of the Cairo Citadel, the Khan el-Khalili bazaar, and Giza Pyramid complex, Cairo is a city full of history and attractions.

Discover and explore Cairo, a city in the country of Egypt. This online guide of information, articles, and photos of Cairo helps you explore the attractions and points of interest of Cairo. It is located on the continent of Africa and its GPS coordinates address is latitude 30 and logitude 30. [Map of Cairo].

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