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Explore Delft - Where the Netherlands' Fairy Tale Begins

Have you ever heard about the Delft Blue? The production of this delicate porcelain has started and continues in the fairytale city of Delft located in the Western part of The Netherlands.   My first encounter with Delft happened virtually, through inspiring stories of my friend who just Read More

About Delft

Possibly best known as the home of painter Johannes Vermeer, Delft is a charming city in the western Netherlands. Although it is small, the town is steeped in history and was once the home of the royal House of Orange. Delft is full of canals and historic buildings, and the market square in the middle of the old town is still an important commercial center. Delft is also where iconic Delft Blue pottery was developed, and the Royal Delft manufacturer is still located there.

Discover and explore Delft, a city in the country of Netherlands. This online guide of information, articles, and photos of Delft helps you explore the attractions and points of interest of Delft. It is located on the continent of Europe and its GPS coordinates address is latitude 52.0067 and logitude 52.0067. [Map of Delft].

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