Why The Lines Crossed On My Palm

Written by William Kekaula
  I moved to San Francisco from across the bay in early 1977, the year before Hell tapped on our doors. I was 19 years old, and dad got me a two-bedroom house in the San Francisco suburb known as the Ocean District. It was the type of home that adjoins with your neighbors. I had started work Read More

The Manicotti's Of Bensonhurst

Written by William Kekaula
Bobby: "How you doin pop." Pop: "I feel terrible here, like somethin inside me here--you know, like I feel some corrosion inside me here, you know what I mean?" Bobby: "You just confused pop, you no car--hehehehe!" Pop: "I mean I feel I'm out of shape he Read More

The Twist

Written by William Kekaula
Joe: "It's 9 a.m., here in Gotham and my partner, Mike and I, have been here since 7 a.m., and we also passed a cow coming over here!" Mike: "That was no cow sir just a very nice looking St. Bernard, sir." Joe: "Who asked you, your holiness. It was very big, and if i Read More

A Hawaiian Folklore - Event On The Island Of Hawaii

Written by William Kekaula
  The Humans: Lehua - The most beautiful girl in the village and the only daughter of the village's chief. Ohia - The handsome warrior is witty, and the most powerful, bravest, of all the village's warriors. The goddesses: Pele: The fire goddess, very cunning, beguiling, Read More


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