Why The Lines Crossed On My Palm

Written by William Kekaula
  I moved to San Francisco from across the bay in early 1977, the year before Hell tapped on our doors. I was 19 years old, and dad got me a two-bedroom house in the San Francisco suburb known as the Ocean District. It was the type of home that adjoins with your neighbors. I had started work Read More

Suicide Is Not An Option

Written by Ojingiri Hannah
A lot of questions arises when you hit the rock bottom and everything seem like terror. When all you have ever had vanished into thin air like it never existed,when you felt like your existence was meaningless and you felt like life was being cruel to you. All you need at that moment to survive is n Read More

The Manicotti's Of Bensonhurst

Written by William Kekaula
Bobby: "How you doin pop." Pop: "I feel terrible here, like somethin inside me here--you know, like I feel some corrosion inside me here, you know what I mean?" Bobby: "You just confused pop, you no car--hehehehe!" Pop: "I mean I feel I'm out of shape he Read More

The Twist

Written by William Kekaula
Joe: "It's 9 a.m., here in Gotham and my partner, Mike and I, have been here since 7 a.m., and we also passed a cow coming over here!" Mike: "That was no cow sir just a very nice looking St. Bernard, sir." Joe: "Who asked you, your holiness. It was very big, and if i Read More

A Hawaiian Folklore - Event On The Island Of Hawaii

Written by William Kekaula
  The Humans: Lehua - The most beautiful girl in the village and the only daughter of the village's chief. Ohia - The handsome warrior is witty, and the most powerful, bravest, of all the village's warriors. The goddesses: Pele: The fire goddess, very cunning, beguiling, Read More

Solving Life's Challenges

Written by Ojingiri Hannah
Life’s problems are like puzzles we try to unlock in order to find a suitable ground. The purpose of our existence on earth is to learn. Often times we learn through trials by using our knowledge of life as a guiding compass to a better future that we are yet to discover. Problems are part of Read More


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