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Amnesia's Nightly Massacre Pt.VII

Written by April Belin
Amnesia has an older sister Angel 27 quiet, smart and a Mama. Brains of most of the operations she taught as Amnesia acquired. What Amnesia lacked in superpowers Angel and Malaya picked up. Angel could read minds, become invisible, freeze time, time change, space travel, hypnotize, as well as tripli Read More

Amnesia's Nightly Massacre Pt.VI

Written by April Belin
Amnesia of the Navajo Nation sat with Katana while her hair braided on its own when it happened to get in windy conditions overlooking Niagara Falls. Her left backhand builds her protective shield as her right backhand of thee other feather dances of her arm to form a fire. She gots her eye on the t Read More

Amnesia's Nightly Massacre Pt.V

Written by April Belin
Bear runs with more than a growl as Amnesia runs with Katana above her head. The growl they hear at first comes with fear Amnesia detects yet smells and feels beforehand. Which comes within her leap as Amnesia and Bear then become as one. The halo gram of Bear turns back into a tattoo on her chest w Read More

Amnesia's Nightly Massacre Pt.IV

Written by April Belin
Amnesia came from AZ to find Massacre's infamous yet notable hide outs susceptible yet mysteriously in a charitable favor of good tracking skills which by the way was executing this nocturnal nightfall so dominant like Amnesia's reddish brown skin luminates tis' twilight bringing more than light Read More

Amnesia's Nightly Massacre Pt.III

Written by April Belin
The second Amnesia heard his voice she knew of capabilities that would occur as a result Thus, thou hast of such a lovely evening to merely a few casualties by far and counting Amnesia was content but held order He turns his shot out head a little too late within a min of a teenth of second's la Read More

Amnesia's Nightly Massacre Pt.II

Written by April Belin
Her bangs slightly graze her Katana sword as he tried to assassinate her again for the umpteenth time Amnesia smiled at his credibility of actually trying and thinking he was gonna succeed Within a mere 2 seconds of swinging her gold handle on Katana, she landed on her feet as his head rolled Read More

Writing play

Written by William Jerome
My writing play  Basically you mean to tell me that my writing wasn't part of my play sure it is if it has something to do with my writing, hows  your day going good or bad not everybody's day goes smoothly or according to what they never expect that's what scares us. You wa Read More


Written by Tim Allen
A man becomes blinded through injuries sustained in an accident, and his senses becomes hightened he previously never paid attention to. Those senses lands him in FBI headquarters in connection with a serial killer. Read More


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