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Yosemite: The Approach to the Valley

When I set out on the long excursion that finally led to California I wandered afoot and alone, from Indiana to the Gulf of Mexico, with a plant-press on my back, holding a generally southward course, like the birds when they are going from summer to winter. From the west coast of Florida I crossed Read More

About Amazon

Amazon, the forested Brazil state, is located in northwestern part of the country. The state is located in the Southern Hemisphere with most of its towns situated along the navigable waterways. This means that only planes and boats can access the towns. It one of the most sparsely populated and poorest states areas in Brazil. The famous Amazon River has its rain forest source here, but nature is not its only feature. It also boasts of having world-class theaters which include; the Amazon theater and Chamine theater.

Discover and explore Amazon, a region in the country of Brazil. This online guide of information, articles, and photos of Amazon helps you explore the attractions and points of interest of Amazon. It is located on the continent of South America and its GPS coordinates address is latitude -1.6441282 and logitude -1.6441282. [Map of Amazon].

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