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Istanbul's Hagia Sophia: A History of Two Cultures and an Architectural Marvel

Istanbul, one of the most popular cities in Europe for weekend trips, annually hosts over 8 million tourists. This number places it among the ten most-visited metropolises in the world. Located in the area between two continents, Europe and Asia, is this thriving industrial and cultural center. You Read More

Top 10 Best Cities in the World to Photograph

The beauty, creativity, and impact of a photograph are clearly in the hands of the photographer. Photographers understand that the camera plays a relatively small part in the creative process because a great picture can originate from any subject, destination, or city, assuming the photographer has Read More

Istanbul, Turkey: Facts, Travel, and Points of Interest

If traveling many centuries back in time is on your agenda, then Istanbul is just the place for you. Being more than 2500 years old, the name of this city was changed twice; from Byzantium to Constantinople to the current Istanbul. Set across the Bosphorus Strait, Istanbul was a much-coveted city th Read More

Top 10 Islamic Buildings in the World (Islamic Architecture Mosques)

The beautiful Islamic culture is defined by some of the most amazing architectural works in the world. Muslim architecture covers a wide range of structures from forts, tombs, mosques, and palaces. These fascinating structures are found in nations conquered by the Muslims back in the 7th century. Th Read More

About Istanbul

The city of Istanbul is located to the North-Western part of Turkey, covering a total area of 5,343 square kilometers. It is the world’s fifth most populated cities, with its population adding up to 15,029,231. The Bosphorus cuts through the city, dividing it into two regions; Thracian, which is inhabited by Europeans, and Anatolian, home to the Asians. The Golden Horn also runs through Istanbul, forming a natural harbor, while barring attacking forces from the city for quite a long time. Close to the city is the North Anatolian Fault, running near the border of Africa and Eurasia. The fault has been a cause of significant earthquakes in the city for the longest time possible. Camlica Hill is the highest point in Istanbul, measuring up to an altitude of approximately 288 meters. The land slopes down from the northern half of the coast, having cliffs, to the south coast.

Discover and explore Istanbul, a city in the country of Turkey. This online guide of information, articles, and photos of Istanbul helps you explore the attractions and points of interest of Istanbul. It is located on the continent of Asia and its GPS coordinates address is latitude 41.0333 and logitude 41.0333. [Map of Istanbul].

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