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[Number, 18; total area, 10,739 square miles] NATIONAL PARKS IN ORDER OF CREATION LOCATION AREA IN SQUARE MILES DISTINCTIVE CHARACTERISTICS Hot Springs, 1832 Middle Arkansas 1-1/2 46 hot springs possessing curative properties—M Read More

About Lassen Volcanic

Lassen Peak, the largest plug dome volcano in the world, is joined by all three other types of volcanoes in this park: shield, cinder dome, and composite. Other than the volcano, which last erupted in 1915, the park has hydrothermal areas, including fumaroles, boiling pools, and steaming ground, heated by molten rock under the peak.

Discover and explore Lassen Volcanic National Park in the country of United States. This online guide of information, articles, and photos of Lassen Volcanic helps you explore the attractions and points of interest of Lassen Volcanic. It is located on the continent of North America and its GPS coordinates address is latitude 40.48297 and logitude 40.48297. [Map of Lassen Volcanic].

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