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Super Starry Feel in China: My Truly Chinese Experience

I felt like a Superstar in China… The first time I heard such phrase was in October 2017, from a British traveler in Amman, Jordan.   But the true meaning of these words, I started to realize them once I entered China two months ago. Since then, I have felt surprised, astonished, m Read More

Hong Kong, China: Facts, Travel, and Points of Interest

Hong Kong is a colorful, dynamic, and self-governing metropolis located on the southern coast of China. The name Hong Kong means “Fragrant Harbor” due to its deep-water harbor which is enclosed by mountainous terrain, the South China Sea, and Pearl River Delta. It is this harbo Read More

Why San Francisco is the Best City in the USA

San Francisco, California is a city with deep historical roots embedded at the core. After the Great Earthquake that hit San Francisco in 1906, and the fires had raged like a fury afterward, the landscape of San Francisco had been forever changed. Nearly three quarters of the city had laid in ruins, Read More

About Hong Kong

Flag of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a territory with complete autonomy located in southeastern China. Once a British colony, sovereignty was given to the Chinese Special Administrative Region in 1997. Hong Kong is the fourth most populated area in the world, is an important port, and global financial power. The business district, Central, is where the Bank of China (BOC Tower) is located and was the first supertall skyscraper outside the US. The International Commerce Center is currently the 10th tallest tower in the world and offers incredible panoramic views of the harbor from the Sky100 observation deck. Furthermore, the building contains the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong and the Elements Mall. The Western district is where the antique shop-lined Hollywood Road is. Man Mo Temple resides here as well. Victoria Peak has tram rides that give full, expansive views. There are boat rides from Victora Harbor to the Kowloon Peninsula. Lantau's Tian Tan Buddha is popular with tourists along with Lamma's alluring bohemian beaches. The country's GPS coordinates address is latitude 22.396428 and logitude 22.396428. [Map of Hong Kong].

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