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Where Did My Someday Go?

Written by Oyenuga Temilola
Recently, a tiny voice in my head has been asking me about the 'someday' I always dreamed of as a kid. The 'someday' that I vividly painted while laid in the dark on my tiny bed back in the confines of my mother's cramped apartment.  How I thought of so many beautiful things Read More

The Power of "SHE"

Written by Ashmi Sheth
She held her head high and walked as thousand eyes followed her footsteps. Just life perfume, she left behind the trails of her ineludible charm. Kindness was her beauty; and vibrance, her exuberance. She didn’t need heels to stand tall; her character privileged her to do so. He Read More

A Pretty Girl’s Plea: Part 1

You stand accused of the murder of two good men. You have pleaded not guilty. It would please the court if you could provide us with testimony.   The cruel wind cried harshly and rattled against the roof of the silver BMW filled with lashing freezing rain and odd disjointed lost screams f Read More

The Syndicate

Written by Seth Manley
Day One    Cocka doodle Doo…Cocka doodle Doo… Damn, I thought, as I rubbed my eyes open with my knuckles, Already 0600 hours. I reached for my mobile and switched off the holographic rooster screaming at my face.    It’s hard to believe thes Read More


Written by Shellian Simpson
I could watch him forever. He had a perfect face, perfect lips... His hair was a mess and without thinking, I ran my fingers through it and inhaled. What I hadn't noticed came forward, he had been smoking. His hair had this tobacco scent mixed with whatever cologne he had on and on a normal Read More

The Downtown Massive-Chapter One

Written by Austin Mitchell
          Bobby Deacon, it looks like Shadow’s men have stopped fighting,” Dixie shouted.          They were in a building that was guarded by high concrete walls all around but had no roof.   Read More

Undercover Soldier-Chapter One

Written by Austin Mitchell
Undercover ‘Soldier’    Austin Mitchell   Copyright © 2016 Austin G. Mitchell   All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, pho Read More

Book Review Of The Watchmaker And Time By Devang Kanavia

The watchmaker and time by Devang Kanavia is a book about Pedro’s love for watches. Devang Kanavia is a story-teller who became a Book Seller even with his first book.  Being himself a perfect coach, and mastered in notable speech, he rendered his work with versatility through science and Read More


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