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My Visit to Enchanted Lake Como in Lombardy, Italy

Today the air in Lecco is so light, with a fragrant scent of lakeside Alps. The rainbow comes alive after a gentle rain… The sun is shining, illuminating my thoughtful face, generating a tender smile in my eyes. I am sitting in a café admiring the view to the Lake Como. A slice of Read More

Top 10 Most Romantic and Unique Honeymoon Destinations

Couples all around the world select hidden corners or secluded places to spend their honeymoons: Maldives, Hawaii, Sri Lanka and others are the major spots to welcome the newly-married couples. Naturally, the secluded beachy corners provide a space to have alone time for the loving hearts and to con Read More

My Birthday Tour of Geneva's Attractions and Sparkling Lake

There are cities that seem unreachable, far beyond limits. But there are also those places that spark a light in your eyes whenever you enter into their “soul”. Jet d’Eau and Lake Geneva From all those cities that seemed far beyond my reach, Geneva was the most alluring o Read More

About Geneva

Geneva lies near the widespread Lac Léman or Lake Geneva which is surrounded by the Swiss and Jura mountains in Switzerland. Because of its location, the city is graced with a lovely view of Mount Blanc. Geneva is the home of Europe's United Nations and the Red Cross. The city has a powerful French influence and is well known for its contributions to banking and politics. The Rhône River’s Left Bank is home to the cobbled Old Town which has the St. Pierre Cathedral and Place du Bourg-de-Four which has plenty of cafes from which to choose. There are Luxury Swiss chocolate and high-quality watches amongst shops in the town square. The Musée d’Art et d’Histoire on the river's Right Bank houses an extensive collection of European art and archaeological items. This town has a breathtaking feature called the Jet d’Eau fountain, which shoots 140m above Lake Geneva as well as Les Pâquis, a neighborhood that has bistros, nightclubs, and boutiques.

Discover and explore Geneva, a city in the country of Switzerland. This online guide of information, articles, and photos of Geneva helps you explore the attractions and points of interest of Geneva. It is located on the continent of Europe and its GPS coordinates address is latitude 46.2352 and logitude 46.2352. [Map of Geneva].

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