I Do Not Know Poems

Inside emotion
by Martha Mwenda

Incomplete  Deserted

Ever felt the need to be alone. My soul just pounces on me I can't even find  peace

I want to be alone I'm fading

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COVID-19: Old Friend, It's been a long time
by Carol Ali

Is that you? It's been a long time.

You look different and yet your still the same.

Hiding, waiting quietly in the dark

Crooked smile moist and dripping


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Does Anyone Care
by Carol Ali

Little boy sitting in the park, no coat, no shoes, it's 20 degrees today

Old man with a sign, hungry, nothing to eat today

Little girl home

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by April Belin

Obviously, your gonna need more than oxygen before your bless with her presence for she will take your breath away within the first minute. next

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Amnesia's Nightly Massacre
by April Belin

She held her rib's as it protruded

Amnesia was more than her name at 25 years of age.

Her brunet eye's to go with her brunet hair

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by Ruth Vertongen




Round and round they go

Flit here Flit there

Why must my mind whirl

Oh I get it

Its for me to see

For me to be

The thoughts of what

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Two consciousness
by Nathan Munroe

                                            Where am I? 


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All I Want
by Kibisu Amudala

All I want …
I want our love to grow
To grow strong and excellent like the Mahogany
To spread its roots widely and its

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The Story In My Head (The Man Sitting In Your Front)
by Emmanuel Adedayo Ojelade

THE STORY IN MY HEAD (The Man Sitting In Your Front)

He’s not a human being – No, he is less of that
He might’ve been

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the love
by mohamad safan

the love asks the heart,''
Are you free?
if the heart asks with agree
he enters and takes great degree
of hot while the ice

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by Thabang Mawela

One morning i didn't wake up

The world fell in love 

The world suddenly shows love

The world can be nostalgic sometimes

 The world can be cruel sometimes

The world

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End of Dictation
by Thabang Mawela

Man is the master of thought

The moulder of characters

The maker and shaper of conditions

He contains within himself that transformations

If you are like today's younger generation


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Beautiful chaos
by Misty Bird

It feels as if though

No matter the distance between, nor the time of day

Even year for that matter

Sense of the bond that lays between us


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Letter to Mother
by Iniubong Efiong

Dear mother,

My life is confused with women in the picture

With a combination of different colors and mixture

Oh! Bless the day I met this creatures

For if

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At first sight
by Mellissa Crooks

At first sight

He knew

She knew

They loved.

At first touch 

He felt

She felt

Hearts work.

And at first kiss 

He's weak

She's week

Perfectly synced.

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When Our Love Has Gone And Left Us
by Waveney Lander-Walters

The Vatican
by Ronald Campbell

woe to you evil men, the priesthood is dead go run and tell it! for eternal power gave it religion. which men has turn it

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by Candace Henry-McDonald

Small,brown,quiet,commanding, determined,




Enjoy yourself,the present is yours to live, 

the future is yours to take,to write.


I will teach you,nurture and cherish you,

equip you to be all you

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The Past is Past
by Lujane Elobeid

The past is past, but not with you

You’re worth of truth, but now you’re gone

The trees have leaves, but then they fall

I’m sure you are

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The American Dream
by yessenia gutierrez

The American Dream,

no such thing as "The American Dream"

where if you're a negro, they'll have you scream

point a gun, shoot, and let you bleed;

Until you

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Before The Storm
by Rebekah O Reilly

Engulfed by the fear and manic,

We panic,

My family shielding me from the ticking of time.


A locality to be persecuted in seeming revenge,

for mistaken behaviour

nothing short

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by Rebekah O Reilly

The friendships I’d made,

The ones I’ve forgotten,

Feelings of freedom

and ones that turned rotten.


Days spent zipping,

and slipping,

and plunging in puddles.


The laughter, and after,

God only know s the

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A Crying Call.
by Rebekah O Reilly

If it’s money that’s you splunder,

then you really make me wonder,

Is it friends we are at all?

Or am I just a crying call

for a memory to

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The Antique Store
by Terry Shuff

Browsing through families memories

that we can never know.

Among the heirlooms meant to be

Descendants now,no more.

A cherished piece of crystal

or china fine and rare.

Hand crafted mirrored

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Swallow's Solitude
by P. S. Remesh Chandran


The hillocks where the village folk

Assembled for a fun-

There then at length dissected all

Subjects under the sun.


The roadside shop, where middle age

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