Angel Poems

by kyra shennan

You smell like caramel,
your skin is like caramel,
You are caramel.
Sweet, comforting,
but after too much of you I get sick and we

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the inner force 2
by mohamad safan

2 the cat
Once, when she found him playing with the cat 
She lifted her up
She warned him at loud
She threw it in

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The inner force 1
by mohamad safan

The inner force
1- Believe
He couldn't believe that
He could imagine in fact
That can be the weakest
Convert to be the strongest

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She was abused
by Alishah Ali

I see her as a beautiful butterfly spreading colors wherever she flies

Those sparkling eyes of her can light up the darken sky

Giving us all tears,

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Plans are made to be broken
by Micah Harris

i'll try to make it up to you

 I don't mean to cancel

 it's just that I'm a important man

This world needs me and I need them 


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Frosty Visitors
by Line Monique Gauthier


intricate designs grace wintry windows

       frosty lace across the pane

              angels sign their art work


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Someone Said Hello Today
by Line Monique Gauthier


Someone said hello today

She had the warmest smile

And kindest heart

She was handing out hellos

As if bouquets of pretty flowers

Free just like that

A warm sincere hello


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OVER FIELDS OF MARIGOLD: a sunset lullaby
by Line Monique Gauthier


Hush little baby, my little chickadee

Listen you’ll hear the symphony

As I gently rock my baby to sleep

Counting sheep with Little Bopeep


Singing you this lullaby my

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by Maria Sharon Moemise

(dedicated to my granddaughter)

By Sharon Maria Moemise

You fill my soul with so much joy
Your face as bright as the glaring sun

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