Boyfriend Poems

1,011 Miles
by Eva McDonald

Last night I had a dream
that I felt your touch.
A kiss
on your lips.
After what feels like forever.
Because to me

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by Eva McDonald

I sip my coffee.
The taste is bitter, 
All I need is sugar.
You walk in the room, 
And soon I realize,
The sugar needed

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by Shawna-Lee Lawrence

Why am I excited

His voice, so deep

His lips, soft and supple

His eyes, dangerous and dark

Wait, am I being watched?


His scent doesn't leave me

His embrace, so

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Count the days
by Alyssia Ivelja

Everything that you said, replays inside my head. Reminding me that I will be fine. When did you become the voice of my piece of mind

And you

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Beautiful Disaster
by Sianee Ash

A beautiful disaster is how I describe myself, I'm a force to be reckoned with. Like a tornado with precision. I've stated before, I AM a lioness

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Anxious Paranoid
by Nadine Oraby

I am an anxious paranoid

My fear overwhelms my mind

My heart is filled with pain,

And I hear an inner voice

It is in my head and it

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by Rebekah O Reilly


I never anticipated this,

the blue eyed boy,

or the we don’t click.

It’s all clicks to you,

it’s hit and miss.

But I never anticipated it.

So undeniable is this,


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