Children Poems

31st Of October Eve
by William Kekaula


Hark, brazen tis starry-eyed moon hath visit yon October night,
Dwelt autumn leaves hath slumbereth, for hazel eyes favor,
Pivotal moments adrift blesseth assured aims

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End of Dictation
by Thabang Mawela

Man is the master of thought

The moulder of characters

The maker and shaper of conditions

He contains within himself that transformations

If you are like today's younger generation


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Why Should I?
by Emmanuel Adedayo Ojelade


Why should I hold it in?
Is my heart an inn?
Why should I not say when I have been hurt?
Will you

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Do You?
by Emmanuel Adedayo Ojelade

Do you see us when we cry?
When we try to hide our faces in the sand?
have you ever thought it through,
That these

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The inner force 1
by mohamad safan

The inner force
1- Believe
He couldn't believe that
He could imagine in fact
That can be the weakest
Convert to be the strongest

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The Christmas Carol
by Danica Bernadez

Time passes by so fast, the reason why nothing in this world lasts

Memories of those happy moments I had, were just tiny glitters scattered in the

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I love salad
by Amber Castro

I can't wait to eat that salad you're makin'

With crunchy croutons and loads of bacon,

Creamy ranch and loads of cheese.

A side of crusty french bread,

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The American Dream
by yessenia gutierrez

The American Dream,

no such thing as "The American Dream"

where if you're a negro, they'll have you scream

point a gun, shoot, and let you bleed;

Until you

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Family Battle Royales
by Donna Brattain

rare pink diamonds, haloed children glittering bits saunter on airy ground bright sparks lively in imps' played mischief going left, going right, going all desired sides mama's mind has

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Unconditional love letter to my kids
by Line Monique Gauthier


From generation to generation

Times have changed so much

By leaps and bounds

Back when technology did not exist

I grew up in a family of 13 kids

Survival was

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Lost Children Of The Street
by Line Monique Gauthier


Looking no older than thirteen

Sitting on the street corner

On cold wet concrete

Cup in hand for coins

Lit cigarette in the other

Eyes vacant and parched from old

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