Allusion Poems

Tale of The Night Movers
by William Kekaula


Hail, a phantom moon
traversing its cloaked
chambered recesses
of her prevalent crown.

Unspool gently and host
minding eyes

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if not ether then ei-ther
by sand blown

ei-ther not ether

they said there was no ether
only a frequency medium
a carrier of all that waves
well if there be no ether
then there has to

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The Existence of a Superhero
by Victor Isaiah

In the vast sphere realm, Made of soils and Waters of the earth. Anticipated I the wayfare of no mayhem, While I traverse on the sea's heart. Embark I

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Universal inversion
by Florence Ezekiel

Cursed love - puzzled world

chock full of anguish and misery

one SARAH-angel faced

and MICHAEL-hosea dealt with

just as Francine rivers had depicted 

in her ink. Hearts of men

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Seasons and times
by Judias Jude

He was yesterday riding on a horse

But I saw him today without a horse

He was bruised and was crying in the mud

But now I see

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This Organ Vagina
by Waveney Lander-Walters

This organ vagina:

They say that beauty is in the eyes of the
Beholder, so does this organ have eyes?
the power of evil

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Written In The Stars
by Donna Brattain

encrypted stories told to long lost galaxies curled volcanoes erupted writing on moon-lit stars bragging to claim first prize on Haley's comet dual dragonriders entwined on Orion's belt diamond

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