Funny Poems

Please stop it
by Rick Wood

Don't tell me what to do man

Okay? Please? Don't

Because I'm an adult, ya know?

I got it, really

You don't have to lecture me

On how to do

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Getting Old
by Bob Taub


                                                                                  GETTING OLD




Here is a story about getting old

One that I think you should be told

First your skin begins to wrinkle

And your eyes soon lose

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Acronyms In Poetry
by Brian Pierre-Alexander

SSPWBIA - Someday soon, Poetry would be in Acronyms
LOL - Laugh out loud
BAG - Busting a gut 
WYBAG - With your big applaudable grin
WE -

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what a beauty
by mohamad safan

Did you see her?

Did you admire her?


Did think that she notice you?

Did you believe that she love true?


If that happened, you'd

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you are the sun
by mohamad safan

you are the sun    
comes with warm
and brings calm
you are the word
that lovers demand
from  their love say
you comes with happy<>

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Dear Erection
by Alex Cridland

Now listen to me my dear erection

I know this hurts but you are not perfection

Yes you defeat gravity

And you need no batteries

But why when I need you

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by Alex Cridland

Alcho pops and Top Shop crop tops

Woo's in the air, hands with no care

Hips in sway, hair astray

Mistakes in full swing, a story for tomorrow

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I love salad
by Amber Castro

I can't wait to eat that salad you're makin'

With crunchy croutons and loads of bacon,

Creamy ranch and loads of cheese.

A side of crusty french bread,

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