Spiritual Poems

The Vail
by Robert Rittel


Through the spectrum of ethereal plain,

lights follow the issuing wisdom train.

Spoken of by fair nymphs pointing to those beams,

the Vail of belief  to adore and

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Spirits Thunder
by M.L. Kiser

Sometimes the road will curve to meet one’s soul

as the swooping thunderbird curves on curling winds

and drops to its’ mountain perch.


Within the curve life takes

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Beneath The Cat Willow
by M.L. Kiser

The willow blushes in the Sun’s caress,

such a colorful personality lending its’

ambiance to the greenwood.


Tiny catkins peek from morning bud-beds

to greet the dawn of this

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Do You Feel It
by Paghunda Zahid

It that time of the year

When everybody comes out of their fears

Every Life is enjoying this phase

For Weather is too good these days

After the freezing

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The Storm - Matthew 8
by Michael Popovici

The boat,

            smooth sea,

                        tight sail,

                                    the bow slices the



Men at ease with their Leader,

                                                their Friend.

As ripples sing lullabies to their Man.


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let me live
by mohamad safan

Let me live at your eyes

One says

You must be a sailor as swimmer or fly

You must have a way to be

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by Line Monique Gauthier


Random strangers crossing in the street

Namaste she said to me

Hands joined as she nodded her head

Engaging my heart without deviating

Arrow straight to my soul

Stood out

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Wise One
by Line Monique Gauthier


Philosopher, Lover of Life, Wise One

What I would give

To see the world through your eyes

To picture the haze of freedom

Where there reigns injustice and chains


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by Line Monique Gauthier


My heart is primed for the ritual

Candlelit ceremony a tribute to life

The smoke beckons my ancestors

Not sure how many lifetimes deep


Inhaling the sacred smoke

Slowly mindfully

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Sitting In The Kumik
by Line Monique Gauthier





Intimately invited

A Letter to God
by Maria Sharon Moemise

A letter to God
                         By Sharon Maria Moemise

Dear God, please accept my now

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