Heartbreak Poems

Words Said
by Eva McDonald

You say,
"We'll see,"
I take that as a yes.
"Will you call me?"
"We'll see,"
So I stay up and wait,
and wait,

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Letter to the Unfaithful Wife
by Shawna-Lee Lawrence

I feel bored, unwanted and exploited

Saturated with the ideology of love

And how it fell from my grasp

I understand


You treated your rose like a “twat”

And let

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by Tim Hoffman

•≈ Shred ≈•


To you I gave my heart

No matter how dark your tale

Always I remained for you

Nothing did I hold back

Forever would I have been

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Crawl From The Ashes
by Tim Hoffman

•><• Crawl From The Ashes •><•


With a heart heavy, weary and thin

I think of how things could have been

Saddened, I ponder to my chagrin

A thought

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by Rebekah O Reilly

Good girls make bad decisions

on the whim of a good heart,

Always second best,

Always second guessing themselves.


Feelings get lost, and broken, 

and scarred up, and healed over,

Until my mind

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Written In The Stars
by Donna Brattain

encrypted stories told to long lost galaxies curled volcanoes erupted writing on moon-lit stars bragging to claim first prize on Haley's comet dual dragonriders entwined on Orion's belt diamond

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by Line Monique Gauthier


kite firm in hand no sun no wind no string

       spiritually bankrupt

              dark thoughts stir up a

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