Betrayal Poems

Forgive you, Forget me not
by Donna Tymec

Forgive you Forget me not!

Why must you try?
Do you try to make yourself feel better?
Do you try because you want my mind

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The Tangled Web
by Michael Henry

The Tangled Web

“Oh! What a tangled web we weave

When first we practise to deceive”!

(Marmion, Sir Walter Scott. 1808)


How true those words from long ago


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Life is worth your while
by William Jerome

Life is worth Your while! / While Living

finds its path crenging narrow ways/

 'depending on thy righteous thoughts" of

thy deeds in mansions of habitat curse of


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by wendy clement

love is like the wind, it blows from one end to another with a gentle touch but has a bitter ending.

love is one step at

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Happy First
by Amanda Baker

Can't please everyone No matter how hard you try Can't make everyone Happy So why would you just comply Always make sure you're happiness Is what you first

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by Thabang Mawela

One morning i didn't wake up

The world fell in love 

The world suddenly shows love

The world can be nostalgic sometimes

 The world can be cruel sometimes

The world

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Crawling Mother
by Maryam Dalhatu

I feel sad when i see you the same,
For decades you remain lame,
It is indeed a pity or late blame,
But i just

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Saying Goodbye To Summer
by Waveney Lander-Walters

Saying goodbye to September

All New York is a cold. And everywhere

Show signs of winter, when the winds blow,

It made one’s shiver to the bone: clogged

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The last time i talked about you
by Alishah Ali

I’m a stranger with so much to tell

I’m a loner with power of despair

I’ve been told to be kind and strong

That kindness cost me nothing

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fool me once
by Tosanmi Gbenebitse-daniel


I was obsessed, with friendship

I laid the foundation of my life, around it

Joy was continually aboard with me, even in township

I was

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by Debbie Walker

I’ve lost it all
Memories choke the breath that dies to cry for help
Into silence I've become
No one saves me from the wounded

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by Chika Jane



Friendship is water

Family is blood

I am ICJ

I am Bloodwater

Blood to family

Water to friendship institute

But I got respect for both institute

Blood is thicker

than water

Friend is friend


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Sex is To Blame
by Brian Sluga

Let’s just continue on

sexual ambiguity lives

women like the alpha male

pushing boundaries

demons of a childhood

shame and self-blame

defying my authority

testing my affection

the scene is set

everybody around me

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The Vatican
by Ronald Campbell

woe to you evil men, the priesthood is dead go run and tell it! for eternal power gave it religion. which men has turn it

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Planet Of Discomfort
by Daniel Uchendu


Where  emptiness abound;
Therein to stay it crowd;
Then brokenness bold'y speaks;
Planet of discomfort.

Who played this strings of clef?
We were wait'ng

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by Rebekah O Reilly

They hate the way that I just know who I am and it’s not up for discussion.

They love the way that when they talk down

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The Other Woman
by Maria Sharon Moemise

The other woman.    
                                 Sharon Maria Moemise 

'cos I

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Dutiful Dead Dreams
by Mian Macli-ing

I failed my dreams,

fulfilled someone else’s.


I failed.


I felt fulfilled.


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