Imagery Poems

Pilfered Soulless House
by William Kekaula

Pilfered dawn occasions a soulless house, bruised
appeals innocence whilst porch screen once tended,
concedes whispers of dust calm quest of quarters,

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Do You Feel It
by Paghunda Zahid

It that time of the year

When everybody comes out of their fears

Every Life is enjoying this phase

For Weather is too good these days

After the freezing

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The Glass Orb
by William Kekaula

In an e'er thus oft agitated contorted crystalline world,
Unconsciously being tinseled by the energies that transpire,
Flurries of fakery enshroud the encircled glassful menagerie.

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by Shawna-Lee Lawrence

I can't imagine when a great thing didn't come from a whisper

A whisper of the wind...

A whisper of the body...

A whisper of the mind...


I can

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Sweet Architect
by Emmanuel Adedayo Ojelade

Sweet architect!
I hope you are listening to the clamors in my head
I hope you see the pain I feel in my chest

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The Story In My Head
by Emmanuel Adedayo Ojelade

(Sounds Of Silence)

Would I have had it any better in life?
Why would it be me?
Why would he hurt

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The cock in my hood
by Rita C. Chima

It crows at the dawn of day

Despite sun or rain

Its crowing resounds in my head

As I turn and toss on my bed

And when I step

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Innocent Smile
by Ambivert Quki

Lunatic condition if you feel
You say yourself what’s the deal?
Softness and Warmth
It’s penetrate in your body

As the candle melts
Softness in its

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