Cry Poems

And He Cried
by Paghunda Zahid

In front of impending disaster

He stood there

Right besides the operation theater

Watching his parents

going mad with pain

A thousand thoughts were flowing in his mind

What would happen

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In Thought
by Martha Mwenda

I have lost myself trying to find a way to you,every time the memories arouse they engulf me in timeless fear,im trapped in a box

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She has long hair
by William Jerome

She has long hair like silky milk as long  as a ladder that connects to a piece of mind. Her kiss is  worth murder without

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by Adelaine Lowe

Growth by Adelaine Lowe

For once I am happy

Yes, that may be true.

Still, nobody can bring me down

Quite like you do.


I will still cry I

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Wiping Away My Tears
by Twana Lawler

Wiping Away the Tears

I felt the brush of the wind against my face

That is when I was taken to that Holy place

My head bent low

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The last time i talked about you
by Alishah Ali

I’m a stranger with so much to tell

I’m a loner with power of despair

I’ve been told to be kind and strong

That kindness cost me nothing

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The Sting Of Death
by Tosanmi Gbenebitse-daniel


Death why provoke us to tears?

There are lot of unfinished works

But still you pierce

What are these you have wrought?


Your unannounced visits can’t

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Let The Child Out
by Bob Taub



My life was over before it started

I spent my childhood brokenhearted,

My parents didn’t treat me as they should,

When I was still in

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As A Guy
by Jessie Bonful

I am no superman

And I know I'm nowhere near Captain Man

Nor am I as cute as Jace Norman

But at least I try

I don't lay on

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Crawl From The Ashes
by Tim Hoffman

•><• Crawl From The Ashes •><•


With a heart heavy, weary and thin

I think of how things could have been

Saddened, I ponder to my chagrin

A thought

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Unspoken Words


As dawn come
As sun rises up
As cold air embraces me
The time I thought I’ll be happy
Full of expectations
Full of dreams
The dancing leaves
The ripen fruits

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