Destiny Poems

by Eva McDonald

I sip my coffee.
The taste is bitter, 
All I need is sugar.
You walk in the room, 
And soon I realize,
The sugar needed

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by Waveney Lander-Walters

Another Version

Hartley Forde

You can’t see the wind,
But that old mango tree,
Outside my window,
tell me it’s there..

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The last time i talked about you
by Alishah Ali

I’m a stranger with so much to tell

I’m a loner with power of despair

I’ve been told to be kind and strong

That kindness cost me nothing

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Know your self within
by Terry Shuff

What was it that I heard ?

So faintly audible

A whisper as a sigh

A groan or uttered word?

Then spoke the voice more clearly

So then I realized.


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Expectations Explained
by Harriet Shea


Cannot comprehend the intensity

realizing myself as a living being, roaming

around this world without a reason

I know in full extent, we have a purpose to continue


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The Antique Store
by Terry Shuff

Browsing through families memories

that we can never know.

Among the heirlooms meant to be

Descendants now,no more.

A cherished piece of crystal

or china fine and rare.

Hand crafted mirrored

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