Haiku Poems

by Ashmi Sheth

If your eyes have enough compassion to see,

Every other eye sings poetry . . .

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The Seasons Haiku
by Michael Henry


The Seasons Haiku



Green buds on beach trees

Bluebells carpet forest floor

Newborn baby cries



Sleepy afternoon

Fly humming at window pane

Cornstalks bent with gold



Ghostly morning mist

Blue smoke curling heavenwards


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by Amy Lawson

3 lines a Haiku.
Seventeen syllabels tell,
A lifetime of words.

But the modern day is contemporary,
Lives are captured in the words.
Far from the

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Cold Coffee
by Mian Macli-ing

A cup of cold coffee

tastes like sunset I wish it stayed,

as warm as your embrace.

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Kisses in the wind:
by Ivan Katono

Polar white,

Hues of green.

Nobler so,

A rush,

Kisses in the wind.

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Music of the wild:
by Ivan Katono

A gale

A grasshopper

A cricket 


A termite

Sing the music

That lingers in the wild.

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The Whale
by Terry Shuff

Basho Japanese Haiku form

snow on mountain

reflect on water

whale breaches

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Full Moon
by Terry Shuff


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Scattered Snowflakes
by Line Monique Gauthier


midnight lamp

under flannel sheets

reading recipes



two blue jays

outside our window

pancakes for breakfast



flour and sugar

for christmas cookie batches

first snow yet to come



sunday night

Ed Sullivan show

in our pj's




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Scattered Pieces Of My Heart
by Line Monique Gauthier



winter harshness

romance under furs



Mount Orford brings

Mempremagog to its knees

my muse is amused



each cloud drifts by

white on blue

the ant is focused



Niagara's roar

rise of double rainbows

honeymooners smile




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Scattered Fall Thoughts
by Line Monique Gauthier


early supper

grillcheese and tomato soup

judo class tonight



night sky

aurora borealis

mom makes sandwiches



majestoic white pines

showing their age

chipmunks chatter



autumn chill

leaves changing colours

adding leek to soup




mud tracks in the

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