Hope Poems

This Too, We Shall Overcome
by Ekoja Okewu


Few months ago,

In the province of Wuhan,

A doctor hung his stethoscope around his neck,

As he stepped out for work,

He came in through the back door,


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Knowing God
by Regina McIntosh


When I was five, I asked the Lord…
To please protect my mom, my world
He whispered to my soul, “I will”
And went on

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Shot in his behind
by Robert Kinard

Shot in his behind

Wendell just getting off work,
And was headed home

by way of his favorite place to chill,
a lively place called<>

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by Bobbiejo Schlageter


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The Storm - Matthew 8
by Michael Popovici

The boat,

            smooth sea,

                        tight sail,

                                    the bow slices the



Men at ease with their Leader,

                                                their Friend.

As ripples sing lullabies to their Man.


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Secret garden
by kyra shennan

Individuals can never truly be known, 

we all hide a part of ourselves away. 

Especially women. 

These parts may not be parts we are ashamed of or afraid

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by kyra shennan

As a whole I am beautiful.
To remember this is to witness the ugly, broken parts die.
As a whole people are ugly.
Individuals are

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Innocent Smile
by Ambivert Quki

Lunatic condition if you feel
You say yourself what’s the deal?
Softness and Warmth
It’s penetrate in your body

As the candle melts
Softness in its

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by Candace Henry-McDonald

Small,brown,quiet,commanding, determined,




Enjoy yourself,the present is yours to live, 

the future is yours to take,to write.


I will teach you,nurture and cherish you,

equip you to be all you

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by Linette Venter

There is always hope, but if hope runs out, there is always prayer 

There is always someone, but if there is no one He still cares 


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by Cachline Etienne


A northern light,
A starlit night,
A silver flower,
A determined fighter.
As the plant grows in my soul,
It shouldn’t be there, yet

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