Absence Poems

Look But Don't Touch
by Sam Harris

He craves me

But duty will trump 

I crave him too, he resides in my head

My bed

My day

I talk with him but no answer I get


Is our

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if not ether then ei-ther
by sand blown

ei-ther not ether

they said there was no ether
only a frequency medium
a carrier of all that waves
well if there be no ether
then there has to

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yep, gettin there
by sand blown


like this night


long re-tired


that to fathom


only being such


the light of a


god who says i owe


than i can afford


after all these years


and a deity's egotistic


of western philosophy


many borderliners


neaath the grounds


stan sand




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Morning Glory
by Shaniel Edwards

As  eyes shift from ceiling to window, 

One observes the blackness of the night sky. 

Luna my friend has left me alone, 

She's gone visiting friends at another

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In My Pocket
by Adelaine Lowe

Frozen memories,

Lost in time.

Tattered corners,

Forever mine.

And in my pocket you may lay,

Until I need you again some day.

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An Angry Girl
by Briana Scarbrough

She wakes up in the morning hoping for a new day. In her mind everything's good, everyting's going her way. But when she opens her

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Until Then
by Brandon Connor

Believe me, not far, it’s right down the road
Take back what you brought, and pick up all your litter
We unpack the car and head off

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"Under the Pale Moonlight"
by Andrew Wray


A once bright lit sun, now the dawn of moonlight pierced the sky like rays through a broken window…I sat here on

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by Zakhele Mncwango

Iphi le ngane eyazalwayo?

Iphi yonke lento esayethenjiswa?

Ithemba lenjabulo salifumbathiswa.

Namanje sisalubambile lolo donga.


Miningi kakhulu manje le minyaka

Kwabulaw' ubandlululo kuleli

Ukuz' engacindezel' unkululeko

Le ngane eyayizozalwa. 

Nanamuhla kusefana nakuqala.


Iph' inkululeko?

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Mundane Entity (ME)
by Juanita Smith

To be like me,
You will always be in tears
You will never be free
Your life will be haunted by your fears
You will

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To Saorsie
by Rick Summat

To Saoirse


As winter yields
and April fades to May
the lengthening days
awaken cigarette haze
and Tullamore Dew

cloaked memories
of that summer we shared

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Warrants and Arrests
by Micah Harris

It's 90 degrees

and I'm down on my knees

Begging God please

Don't forget about me

I'm the cause of the disease

My hearts in my chest

And it's failing to

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by Rebekah O Reilly


I never anticipated this,

the blue eyed boy,

or the we don’t click.

It’s all clicks to you,

it’s hit and miss.

But I never anticipated it.

So undeniable is this,


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Latitudes and Attitudes
by Maryanne Dunne

Latitudes and Attitudes

Women are like the wind

you enjoy the warm breeze melting your heart

on a blustery day.

you bask in the heat of their passion

on a

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The Beginning
by Micah Harris

You know that you want it

You're so disappointed

You know that you've owned it

but no one knows it

Just say how you're feeling

You're making a killing

But still

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